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Botox injections - crow's feet, glabellar, forehead and jawline

Botox injections - advanced crows feet treatment including under eye wrinkles

Botox injections - frown lines

Botox injections - crow's feet and frown lines

Botox injections - Forehead frown lines

Dermal fillers - softening of cheek lines 

8-point non-surgical lift - serial Voluma injections, jawline contouring, marionette lines and Botox to neck lines and forehead

Combination treatments - facial volumization with Voluma, botox injections to frown lines, brow lift, mid facial botox, lip enhancement and skin pee

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement

Lip Enhancement - Juvederm Lip enhancement and correction of assymetry

Lip Enhancement - 1st photo - during treatment (note the transient swelling and redness from Volbella lip injections and minimal redness from upper face botox injections.  After (2nd photo) -  An elegant and natural result

Lip Enhancement - before and after volbella lip injections

Lip Enhancement - correction of upper lip assymetry using Juvederm 3 and small quantities of botox to evert the upper lip. 

Lip Enhancement - subtle Lip enhancement using Juverderm Ultra 3

Lip Enhancement - Juvederm Volbella serial Lip treatments

Lip Enhancement  - Juvederm ultra 3 used to correct proportions of lips

Neck and Decollete - serial Restylane Vital injections to restore the chest area from sundamage

Excess sweating - iodine starch test to define sweat glands before botox injections

Genuine Dermaroller - dermaroller is wonderful for collagen induction and smoothing of lip and cheek lines

Genuine Dermaroller - under eye treatments with genuine dermaroller

Before and after Obagi NuDerm - note the refinement of the skin, improved clarity and tone, loss of fine lines and pigmentation

Before and after Obagi NuDerm - note the refinement of the skin, improved clarity and tone, loss of fine lines and pigmentation

"After having botox treatments for a few years at another clinic, I started to realise the effects were wearing off faster and there were still lines around my eyes. I decided to change clinics and chose DermaVi as he is a qualified doctor with accreditation in dermatology, rather than a nurse or someone less qualified. His professional manner and knowledge immediateley put me at ease, and the results were fantastic. He listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything fully. Not only did the treatment work faster, but the results around my eyes were better than ever before. I am now at week 10 and still the results look great. I am really happy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family or close friends"

- Mrs. KG, Portsmouth. (