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Neck and Decolletage

The Neck and DéColleté

Neck and Decolletage anti-ageing treatment before and after photos

The neck and décolleté area are vulnerable to sun damage and photoageing and are often neglected by cosmetic practitioners. A hyperpigmented and wrinkled upper chest reflect excess sun exposure and poor protection over many years, and is susceptible to producing leathery skin over the years.

Dermal fillers, Chemical skin peels and Obagi products can be used in this area to produce dramatic results, often taking many years off one’s appearance. Both Juvederm and the Restylane ranges of Dermal Fillers can be used in this delicate area, in addition to Skin Tech Easy TCA peels and Obagi skin products.

(Photos: Before and After 3 serial treatments of Restylane Vital Dermal Filler)

"After having botox treatments for a few years at another clinic, I started to realise the effects were wearing off faster and there were still lines around my eyes. I decided to change clinics and chose DermaVi as he is a qualified doctor with accreditation in dermatology, rather than a nurse or someone less qualified. His professional manner and knowledge immediateley put me at ease, and the results were fantastic. He listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything fully. Not only did the treatment work faster, but the results around my eyes were better than ever before. I am now at week 10 and still the results look great. I am really happy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family or close friends"

- Mrs. KG, Portsmouth. (