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Mesotherapy (also known as skin boosters) is a technique, which was originally developed in France in the 1950′s. It involves microinjections of different pharmaceutical agents, plant extracts, vitamins and microelements into the dermis of the skin.This is a safe way to achieve long-lasting and natural results with minimal downtime or cost. We have been rather slow in the UK to take up this natural therapy. 

Unfortunately the likes of Botox and dermal fillers alone do little to improve the actual quality and texture of your skin. With mesotherapy the skin will become radiant and glowing with improved tone and elasticity. The effects of treatment are cumulative and once a month for three months is recommended. In France mesotherapy is an entire medical specialty in its own right and is in high demand. 

Who can benefit?

The beauty of mesotherapy is that there are no age or gender limitations - young and old alike can achieve healthy tight skin. In Europe, women often start treatments in their thirties, but the technique can prove valuable during any stage in life. With our fast paced world of intense work it can be difficult to maintain healthy skin, often needing daily daily applications of cosmetic creams for a long period. The truth is most of these constituents just sit on the skin surface and never reach the stratum basale (the nourishing layer in the skin). For example many creams advertise they contain hyaluronic acid and collagen. Truth be told these are large molecules and can’t penetrate the skin - they just sit on the surface and give a temporary plumping effect. The result is one starts to overmoisturize and the skin becomes tricked, dependent and dry if stopped.

Mesotherapy is highly versatile, and tailored to the individual skin type and desired result -  additionally, it can be used to tone and tighten sagging skin on the neck, abdomen, hands and limbs. It is also used to fight hair loss, stretch marks, scars and cellulite. It is even used as an adjunctive treatment in arthritis and sports injuries. 

Objectives and rationale

The main objective of mesotherapy is to replenish the skin at the cellular level. This is achieved by stimulation of proteoglycan and collagen synthesis to thicken the dermis, fighting damaging free radical action on the skin and speeding up regeneration. This involves administration of antioxidant vitamins (Viatmins C and E), Co-enzymes e.g. Q-10 and trace elements such as copper, zinc and magnesium. Microinjections of amino acids or synthetic peptides also stimulate elastin and glycoproteins which are responsible for the biomechanical property of skin. 

Increased firmness is achieved by application of organic silica and Centella Asiatica. Organic silica in particular has diverse properties including antioxidant and binding moisture in the epidermis. Centella Asiatica stimulates type 1 collagen and helps with scars, dermatitis, ulcers and hair loss. DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is commonly applied due to its stimulatory effects on collagen production resulting in a firming and lifting of the skin. Coupled with the hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid the results are fantastic .

Treatments examples
- tailored to a variety of conditions:

Antiageing - using organic silica, sodium pyruvate and hylauronic acid.

Tired eyes and dark circles - using Ginkgo Biloba and silicas, treatment of pigmentation using glutathione, dexpanthenol and glycolic acid.

Acne - using Vitamin A, trace elements and dexpanthenol.

In order to achieve the desired result and longevity one would normally carry out 3 procedures over 3 months.


Botox can also be used with mesotherapy. This procedure is used to treat the round muscles of the face, particularly the eyes and mouth to smooth away wrinkles and straighten the contour. Tiny doses (approximately 1 tenth of the usual dose) of Botox are used  and gives a natural result without any loss of facial expression. This allows retention of functionality (and avoids the frozen look) while still reducing wrinkles and pore size. This is a wonderful treatment for those very fine lines and criss-cross hatching that cannot be treated by other means alone. The result is smoother tighter skin and allows the results of conventional botox to last longer. 

With mesobotox (intradermal botox) the injections are very superficial in the skin to effect the erector pili muscles which control pore size - this contracts the pores. The result is beautiful poreless, dewy skin, with a non-oily sheen and subtle lift. Like other treatment protocols this is normally repeated regularly for 3 months then twice a year depending on the individual.

"After having botox treatments for a few years at another clinic, I started to realise the effects were wearing off faster and there were still lines around my eyes. I decided to change clinics and chose DermaVi as he is a qualified doctor with accreditation in dermatology, rather than a nurse or someone less qualified. His professional manner and knowledge immediateley put me at ease, and the results were fantastic. He listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything fully. Not only did the treatment work faster, but the results around my eyes were better than ever before. I am now at week 10 and still the results look great. I am really happy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family or close friends"

- Mrs. KG, Portsmouth. (