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Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Hyperhidrosis & Excessive Sweating Treatments

If you are interested in hyperhidrosis treatments, Southsea is home to Dr. Shrivastva who can offer Botox treatments for antisweating in both Southsea, Portsmouth and now Westbourne, Bournemouth.

Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating) can be localised or affect the whole body. Sweating is controlled by parts of the brain that send nerve signals to the sweat glands in the skin. The water producing (eccrine) sweat glands are affected and not the apocrine sweat glands which produce the oily sweat which causes odour. The autonomic nervous system controls these nerves as part of many unconscious bodily functions. Increased sweating is a normal response to emotions such as anxiety or due to a rise in body temperature.

Localised symmetrical hyperhidrosis (primary) is the most common form and may affect the palms, soles, under arms, face and scalp - or combinations of these. The cause is unknown but generally starts in teenage years and tends to improve with age. One could consider this exagerrated sweating akin to faulty wiring in an electrical circuit. This type tends to run in families with up to a third of people having relatives with the condition.

Generalised hyperhidrosis (secondary) can be caused by illness, infections and some hormonal condtions - e.g. diabetes, menopause or an overactive thyroid gland. Sweating tends to affect the entire body. Some medicines can also cause this, but in many cases no cause is found. Occassionally doctors may use anticholinergic compounds such as propantheline or glycopyrrollate.

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Treatments for Local Symmetrical Hyperhidrosis


Many people will have already tried over the counter antiperspirants based on aluminium chloride which act by blocking the glands (as opposed to deodarants which neutralise odour). Prescription aluminium salts (e.g. DryChlor) can be used with modest results although some patients find them irritant to the skin. Glycopyrrollate solutions and wipes are also sometimes used with reasonable results in some.


Iontophoresis is a technique used where the hands and/or feet are submerged in a bowl of water and a small electrical current is passed through, producing good results in some patients. However it is technically difficult to perform this under the arms.

Botox at DermaVi Aesthetics

This can be used to great effect by blocking the nerve impulses to the eccrine sweat glands with effects lasting up to 6 months. This produces wonderful results for underarm sweating, although tends to be used less for the palms and soles as these areas are more tender to inject. The treatment usually takes between 30-45 minutes. Typically, results are noticeable within 10 days with a reduction of sweating. This treatment is not a cure and, as the nerve fibres regrow, the sweating will return.

Since the muscle relaxant only stays in the body for a maximum of six months, any side effects associated with the medication will diminish after that time period. Side effects may include nausea, flu syndrome, respiratory infection, forehead and eyelid drooping, and headaches.

Price of Botox to treat excessive sweating
from £450

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Minors Iodine-Starch test to define sweat gland areas for treatment

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Less common Botox risks include symptoms that are generally associated with the injection. These include redness, pain, swelling, numbness, bruising, muscle weakness and bleeding. Normally, these symptoms generally subside within a week after injection.

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"After having botox treatments for a few years at another clinic, I started to realise the effects were wearing off faster and there were still lines around my eyes. I decided to change clinics and chose DermaVi as he is a qualified doctor with accreditation in dermatology, rather than a nurse or someone less qualified. His professional manner and knowledge immediateley put me at ease, and the results were fantastic. He listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything fully. Not only did the treatment work faster, but the results around my eyes were better than ever before. I am now at week 10 and still the results look great. I am really happy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family or close friends"

- Mrs. KG, Portsmouth. (