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Chin and Jawline Contouring

Jawline Contouring Before and After

Chin and Jawline contouring using Botox and Voluma

The chin and jawline are bony structures important for supporting the structures of the lower face. Age, laxity and loss of volume can add to further drooping of the mouth and poor definition of the jawline with troughs and hollows. Artistic and appropriate injections of Botox and dermal filler such as Voluma into the chin and jawline can replace this volume loss and transform the lower face.

Botox and the Masseter Muscle

The traditional shape of an attractive face is that of an inverted triangle, or heart, where the face gradually tapers to the chin. A more squared jawline is considered a masculine feature, naturally more common in men, creating a boxy shape, and for this reason jawline contouring has become a common cosmetic procedure for women.

Whilst Botox is wonderful at reducing wrinkles, it is also frequently used to modify the contour of the chin and jawline. Some people, particularly those of South East Asian or Chinese origin have a wider jaw. This is called Masseter hypertrophy, named after the muscle responsible for moving the jaw and clenching the teeth. This is also common in those that grind their teeth at night (Bruxism) or chew a lot of gum. Injection of Botox into the deep part of the Masseter muscle allows relaxation of the muscle and slimming of the jawline. The effects take 4-6 weeks to become apparent (as the muscle reduces in size) and can last from 6 months to a year.

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Dimply chin

Some people also suffer from a pebble or dimply chin, or a strong chin muscle (mentalis) creating a wrinkle under the bottom lip. Botox can be used to relax the chin muscle stopping it from dimpling and pulling inwards and upwards.

Combination of the Nefertiti lift (using Botox) and 8-point nonsurgical lift (using Voluma) provides a natural and beautiful result.

The Nefertiti Lift


With age, the neck muscles (platysma) can become more prominent for many people, and exert a depressor effect on the face thereby accentuating the jowels and sagging jawline. In certain patients, injection of botulinum toxin into these neck bands (“turkeyneck”) can relieve the lower face of this pulling effect and allow the levator muscles of the face to be less opposed. 4-5 small injections in to the line of the mandible either side of the jaw is also performed to provide a natural more defined jawline. Queen Nefertiti was known for her beautiful jawline thus the name.

Contouring Treatment Prices

Chin and Jawline Contouring £500
Nefertiti Neck Lift £280

"After having botox treatments for a few years at another clinic, I started to realise the effects were wearing off faster and there were still lines around my eyes. I decided to change clinics and chose DermaVi as he is a qualified doctor with accreditation in dermatology, rather than a nurse or someone less qualified. His professional manner and knowledge immediateley put me at ease, and the results were fantastic. He listened to exactly what I wanted and explained everything fully. Not only did the treatment work faster, but the results around my eyes were better than ever before. I am now at week 10 and still the results look great. I am really happy and would recommend this clinic to any of my family or close friends"

- Mrs. KG, Portsmouth. (