The Art of Facial Rejuvenation

  Does your skin appear healthy? There are many components that create healthy skin. Some of the most important characteristics are even colour, uniform pigmentation and clarity as typified by a child’s skin. With the pasage of time, blotchiness, hyper- and hypopigmentation occur, dark spots appear (e.g. solar lentigines) and dark circles become resident under […]


Mesotherapy (also known as skin boosters) is a technique, which was originally developed in France in the 1950?s. It involves microinjections of different pharmaceutical agents, plant extracts, vitamins and microelements into the dermis of the skin.This is a safe way to achieve long-lasting and natural results with minimal downtime or cost. We have been rather […]

LED therapy in Cosmetic dermatology

  LED therapy (light-emitting diode) is not new, but recently it has become popular in aesthetic clinics. Many patients with dermatological conditions have already undergone this form of treatment or are enquiring about it. LED therapy is often used to complement other therapies, for example non-ablative laser treatment, but is also used as stand alone […]